Senior Spotlight
From our graduating class of 2020.

Isabella Nicastro

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"Being a part of this arts community helped me to not only realize my potential as an artist and creator, but also allowed me to discover my personal potential and instilled in me a newfound sense of confidence in who I am, what I stand for, and what I capable of doing."

University of the Arts London, Art and Design

Avery Greto

Grade 12 Photography

"Whenever I take a photo, I really ask one question to myself, 'will this make me happy?' I do this because photography has the power to amplify a message in ways that words can't, so by capturing images that portray or make me happy, I hope to spread the feeling of happiness to others."

York University, Theatre and Psychology

Sarah Young

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"I could never imagine my life without visual arts, and this program has taught me more than I could have ever asked for."

OCAD University, Drawing and Painting

Cristina Tantalo

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"I am thankful that I got accepted to the RAP visual arts program every day. I have had the most amazing experiences and made some of my best friends in this class. I will never forget the things I have learned and the time I have spent in this program."

Priscilla Wong

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"To be surrounded by people who encourage your growth and creativity is the most amazing feeling. I am so grateful for the family we've made in this department and I'm excited to see how we take on the future."

McMaster University, Engineering

Isabela Campoli

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"This program has allowed me to improve my skills and creativity as an artist in ways I never thought were possible. I am so grateful for the friends that I've made and the amazing experiences that we've shared."

University of Toronto, Industrial Engineering

Tara Haghighi

Grade 12 Comprehensive Visual Art

"Although I have only attended this school for two years, I have become a way better and open-minded artist than before. I have had access to many traditional and digital art equipment that have helped me create art. More importantly, I have been surrounded by a community of very talented and supportive artists who have helped me push my limits and improve as an artist. The teachers are very supportive and have taught me many skills that will be beneficial in my future studies."

OCAD University, Illustration

Genevieve Kale

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"RAP has given me the opportunity to meet some of my best friends, helped me to grow as an artist, and given me some of the best experiences in high school. This program has helped me so much in developing my artistic eye and has exposed me to materials I wouldn't have worked with otherwise. I will most definitely take what I have learned from this program with me to the next creative endeavour I go on in the future."

Sheridan College, Makeup for Media and Creative Arts

Paulina Lexanova

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"Being a Visual Arts student is a testament to the ability to be myself. I express myself in ways that words cannot through my art. I am beyond grateful for these past four years, and the experiences and knowledge the RAP program has provided me with. This community is what helped shaped me to be the person I am. "

Ryerson University, Architecture

Vanessa Giglio

Grade 12 Comprehensive Visual Art

"Being apart of the art program for the past 4 years has taught me so much and allowed me to grow incredibly as an artist. I am constantly inspired by everyone in the art community at St. Ez and without this program I wouldn't have half the skills or confidence to complete the works of art that I enjoy so much today."

York University, Biomedical Sciences (BSc)

Olivia Han

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"It's nice to be able to find people to share your art, interests, and hobbies. Being a part of an active art community help me be exposed to different styles, methods, and approaches. I hope everyone has a fun and exciting future."

Marco Di Fabio

Grade 12 Photography and Media Arts

"Art is a way of expression. People do it in many different ways and that's what makes it amazing. There is no limitation to art. That's what will always inspire me."

York University, Digital Media

Alanna Bellisario

Grade 12 Photography

"The opportunity to have seeked out photography as a high school course has allowed me to enhance my knowledge on the world and surroundings from within a newfound perspective. I really hope to be able to apply the skills and experiences shared amongst fellow classmates and instructors as I enter into this next journey."

Seneca College @ York, Photography

Kristen Jolly

Grade 12 Comprehensive Visual Art and Media Arts

"I love art and learning about art and having new experiences so being at St Ez for the past 4 years definitely checked all those boxes <3 St Ez has definitely helped me grow as an artist and as a person and I'm super super thankful :)"

Sheridan College, Interaction Design

Sophia Rossi

Grade 12 Comprehensive Visual Art

"Art has always been a big passion of mine, and taking the visual arts program all four years of high school truly allowed me to expand my artistic abilities. Every year, I was surrounded by supportive peers and teachers which made every class fun and enjoyable."

University of Toronto: Mississauga Campus, Forensic Science

Alessia Mammone

Grade 12 Comprehensive Visual Art

"I've always had a passion for art and taking this art program these past 4 years has allowed me to grow as an artist by learning new techniques and improving my skills. I have really enjoyed working with a great group of art students under the leadership of creative teachers. Without the push from my fellow peers and teachers, I would not have realized my full potential as an artist. "

York University, Biomedical Science

Chantal Atikian

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"Being apart of RAP at St. Elizabeth as allowed me to meet so many fantastic people, and create some amazing memories. I am forever grateful for all of my friends, and family for inspiring me to continue art."

Sabrina Toma

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"This program has helped me to become a better artist within these 4 years at St. Ez. It has also given me the opportunity to grow as a person and make such amazing friends."

Pegah Yousefirad

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"Being apart of the RAP family was honestly one of the best parts of high school and I'm beyond grateful I got to experience it. The memories and friendships I made in this class are seriously worth cherishing for life and I'm happy I got to spend 4 years with such talented people and truly amazing teachers."

University of Ottawa, Biopharmaceutical Science 

Robin Bak

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"This program has helped me grow as an artist and as a person in innumerable ways. The friends and mentors that I've made in RAP are truly unforgettable and I'll forever be thankful for the opportunities that were created for me here. Special thank you to Chantal, Pegauh, Nicole, Byol, Olivia, Priscilla, Azalee, Sarah, Cristina, Nicastro, and Gen, all of whom I met in this program and could have never survived high school without. Thank you all for being inspirations, blessings, and most of all, friends to me."

Alexander Fusco

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"Through the art program, I have been able to make some great connections as well as improve my skills. I've been exposed to various new mediums, techniques and some interesting art history as well. This experience has helped me grow and mature as an artist and I believe that my future career in art is only possible because of my involvement in RAP."

Sheridan College, Illustration

Byol Han

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"As a senior this school overall was a hospitable experience. I enjoy time with my friends after school."

Nicole Kondratovits 

Grade 12 RAP Visual Art

"Being a student in RAP not only makes you grow as an artist (in a technical way) but also teaches so many valuable lessons that can be applicable to life. RAP helped me see my true potential in art and it motivated me to work even harder at my dreams. You establish so many close bonds with your classmates in these 4 years and they really do become family. The 4 teachers in RAP are so talented and you can really see the love and passion they have for not only art but also the willingness for their students to excel. Considering that they are with you for 4 years, they travel with you to the states and even around Toronto/Ottawa, you build such a strong bond that they really are your "RAP parents". I'm so blessed that I got to be apart of this big family and experience my high school life with my classmates and teachers."

University of Waterloo, Architectural Engineering